Kenny Blum has an extensive history of adventure travel and photography bringing him from the Glaciers of Alaska to mountains of Argentina.

Growing up in Sacramento California and spending his summers on the Jersey Shore, Kenny has always been drawn to the outdoors. He started skiing at age 3, surfing soon after, and then discovered climbing in College. Kenny is sort of a jack of all trades (although thinks he is a master of none!). A private pilot, USCG captain, competitive skier, climber, surfer, kiter, mt biker, professional guide, husband and father just to name a few.

Back in his early twenties, Kenny started a company called Gorge Action Photo, focusing on wind surfers and river rafters. A few years later he discovered Alaska and in 1996 started his company Pangaea Adventures, a highly respected sea kayak, backpack and glacier hiking guide service in Valdez. He ran Pangaea Adventures for 15 years before selling it in 2009.

Now Kenny is finding his roots. Spending his days outside and capturing what he can on camera. He is also the owner and operator of Tahoe Wakesports during the summer months, enjoying Lake Tahoe to its fullest.

Lake Tahoe Videos Coming Soon!
Join Kenny Blum on his Wake Surfing Boat on Lake Tahoe. Tahoe Wakesports is a professional charter service offering wakesurfing, wakeboarding, wake skating, tubing and sight seeing cruises.

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